Drug Regulators

Pharmaceutical regulatory bodies in countries around the world are constantly seeking a higher standard of manufacturing practices.  The PharmaCert Program can assist in elevating the standards of drug manufacturing in other countries and safeguard consumers against unwanted toxic or harmful ingredients in certified medications. PharmaCert can help achieve this by encouraging local manufacturers to elevate their standards and obtain the PharmaCert stamp of approval.

This is particularly applicable in developing countries where they may have regional standards of practice based on their environment, economic issues and even past practices, but at the end of the day, they desire to have the highest standard of safety, efficacy and potency for medications sold in their respective countries.  The  PharmaCert program provides a “stamp of approval” on tested medications, which ensures that the medication has been tested and retested using rigorous and reliable methods in Canada, and raises the bar for other manufacturers or potentially be left out of the market.

Regulators gain assurance that when a manufacturer’s product is certified by PharmaCert the medication has been properly tested on an ongoing basis and meets one of the highest levels of standards including USP, BP or other similar Pharmacopeia high standard.

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