Advisory Board

Doug Patterson
B.Sc. (Pharmacy)
Chair of the Advisory

Doug Patterson was born and raised in North Vancouver, graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1987 with a B.Sc.(Pharmacy) and then became a registered Pharmacist. Doug moved to Kelowna after graduation working for Dyck’s Pharmacists. In 1993 he purchased the 3 stores and grew it to 7 stores with over 60 employees. He has been a director with the BC Pharmacy Association and a counselor with the College of Pharmacists as well as board member then president of Unipharm Wholesale Drugs. Since selling the Dycks group in 2013, Doug remains invested in the pharmacy industry in the USA and a software company startup.

Aaron Wong
B.Sc. (Pharmacy)

Aaron is a registered pharmacist and has more than 13 years of experience in retail pharmacy. He has worked for several large companies such as Rexall, Shoppers and Costco as well as some independent pharmacies. Doing relief work all over BC has given him the experience of various pharmacy settings. He has a keen business sense for pharmacy and has been able to help increase profitability of all stores he’s been at while maintaining excellent customer service. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of British Columbia. He is in good standing with the BC College of Pharmacists.