About Us

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Canadian International Pharma Corp. is a multi-faceted, Canadian pharmaceutical company which is dedicated to the supply and manufacture of pharmaceutical products that meet Canadian “Good Manufacturing Practices”, or GMP.  GMP is one of the most prestigious testing standards in the Pharma industry, like International Organization for Standardization, or “ISO”, is to the manufacturing industry. Adherence to GMP standards are directed towards quality, safety, bioavailability and efficacy for every medication manufactured and tested in Canada.  Our business is focused on manufacturing under strict Canadian GMP standards, sales of generics and nutraceuticals in Canadian and International markets, and potential cross licensing for the North American market. We have access to more than 350 Nutraceuticals and 45 generic medications that can be made available under our brand, or as private label, for the Canadian and global markets. We believe that this list will continue to expand as our company, and its partners, seek to obtain approvals from Health Canada and international regulatory authorities.

One of our major focusses is our “PharmaCert” program. PharmaCert is a Canadian certification program for finished dosage forms of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical medications manufactured around the world. The PharmaCert certification ensures that the medication has  been tested and retested using rigorous and reliable methods that measure the identity, strength, quality and purity of the medication based on trusted standards, such as United States Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia or other high standard of Pharmacopeia. PharmaCert can be used to certify any class of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical medications. Testing certifies that the ingredients claimed on the label and the formulation of the medication exist in the final product. Such testing also safeguards the consumer against unwanted, toxic or harmful ingredients in certified medications. The PharmaCert certification provides assurance to consumers and government regulators that the medication adheres to Canadian globally respected standards.  For our customers, PharmaCert can add significant value, competitive edge and price point for export medications in international markets.

Our mission is to position Canadian International Pharma Corp. as one of the primary certifiers of efficacy and safety for testing generics and nutraceuticals across the globe.